Gold Card
24 August 2008

Please note that Membership for the Gold Card is limited and is currently fully subscribed. You may still apply and your applications will be processed according to availability Health is Wealth – so in health GO for GOLD

We introduced a Gold card to help you look after your Health

The St Philip's Gold Card is unique - because it enrolls you in a Health Care Programme and gives you the opportunity to save up to 50% on health care hospital services provided by St. Philip's Hospital

What does the Gold Card cover?

Ø Medical Checkups, Health Screens
Ø In Patient Hospital Accommodation
Ø Hospital Maternity Services
Ø Operating Theatre Services
Ø Medical and Surgical Services
Ø Screening Tests (Stress Tests, ECG etc),
Ø Breast Screening - Mammography
Ø X Rays
Ø Ultrasound
Ø CT –Scan
Ø Open MRI Scan
Ø Laboratory Tests (Blood Tests)

In fact all the services that the hospital itself provides now!

Please note that Pharmaceutical /Consumables such as prosthesis, implants, are not included. Also surgeon's fees and anaesthetists are not included.

Who can benefit from the Gold Card?

Anyone whose age or condition is excluded from full insurance cover
Anyone with a pre-existing medical condition not covered by insurance
Anyone anticipating undergoing surgery in the very near future
Anyone unable to afford a full insurance policy.
Anyone who requires some financial protection when struck by illness
Anyone who requires cosmetic surgery normally not covered by insurance

How Does the Program Work? 

  • Simply complete the enrolment form and send it together with your membership fee to St. Philip's Hospital - Gold Card Section
  • A membership information kit, including a Health Card and full instructions will be sent to each member once he/she is accepted
  • Savings are given to you immediately you have been accepted as a member even if you require an operation the very same day

Cost of the Programme

The cost of the health card is Lm 200 per annum for a couple. The first two children are also covered provided they are living in the same household. Additional members in the same family are required to pay an extra LM 50 each.

Elderly Persons

Elderly persons, whose medical needs are naturally higher, are also covered. The St Philip's Health Card knows no age limits and the elderly can now feel secure as the Gold card can reduce their hospital costs by up to 50%. The fee is LM 200 per couple.

Other Advantages

  1. No waiting period before you benefit - you can start to benefit the same day that your application has been accepted.
  2. No Limit On Hospital Visits or Services -You can go to the hospital and utilize hospital services as often as you need
  3. No limits on the amount of hospital expenses and savings you are allowed to incur 
  4. No limits either on the expenses you may incur on out patient services such as X Rays, Blood Tests, Ultrasound, CT or MRI etc
  5. No Age Limit 
  6. Best of all - no hassle - No Claim Forms to fill - simply present your St Philip's Health Card together with your ID - and we will do the rest


Although anyone is eligible to apply for the St Philips Gold Card - the number of Gold Card members will be strictly limited so please apply early to avoid disappointment.

Using the Health Card with an insurance plan.

The health Card can be utilized with your existing health insurance - it can save you money even if you have a medical insurance.

The health card can be used to top up your insurance plan - for instance if your insurance does not offer you full cover in the event of hospitalization, the health card can guarantee 50% discount on hospital services. The health card will reduce your hospital costs incurred for any condition not covered by your insurance policy (for example pre-existing conditions, elective procedures, maternity, cosmetic procedures, screening tests, checkups, congenital conditions etc.).

Please note this is NOT an insurance policy so there are no claim forms to fill in, no medical reports to submit, no age restrictions, and no waiting periods before you become eligible for benefits

Conditions of Use

Payment for hospital services is due at the time that a service is provided - otherwise entitlement to the discount is lost.

Renewal is subject to acceptance by St.Philip's Hospital authorities.

Only the registered member may use this card. Any misuse will automatically disqualify usage and no refund will be given.

Application Form for Gold Health Card

Surname _____________________________

Name ____________

I.D _________

D.O.B_______ _____________

I.D _________


Street _______________________________________________________

Town and Post Code _______________________________________________________

Phone and Mobile Phone ____________________

Please present your I.D card on application together with a photocopy of the I.D card for each member of the family. In the case of young children, kindly present copy of birth certificate of each child.Please enclose payment with your application form Payment can be made by cheque or credit card

Please debit my Payment by Visa / MasterCard / Quick-cash

Other type of Card ……………………….

Account Number ………………………..

Expiry Date ………………………..

Amount ……………………….

____________________________________ Date ____/_____/____

I have read and agree to the above conditions

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