KEY HOLE SURGERY – now uniquely available at St Philips Hospital in Malta.

why keyhole surgery? (laparoscopy or minimal access surgery)

KeyHole Surgery – key hole surgery is surgery performed through tiny incisions. These cuts are less than ½ an inch that is why they are called keyhole– and the instruments smaller in width than your little finger so that they can pass through these keyholes.

Keyhole surgery is technically known as minimal access surgery

Advantages of Key Hole Surgery over Classical Surgery

1. keyhole surgery utilizes smaller Incisions
2. keyhole surgery causes less Pain
3. keyhole surgery results in Rapid Recovery after surgery
4. keyhole surgery needs Shorter Hospital stay
5. keyhole surgery No blood transfusion required in most instances
6. keyhole surgery produces an excellent Cosmetic result -
7. keyhole surgery has less Complications than classical surgery.

Operations now being performed by Key Hole Surgery at St Philips Hospital are listed below but the list is growing and keyhole surgery is set to expand.

1. Hysterectomy
2. Fibroid removal,
3. Ovarian cysts removal
4. Endometriosis extensive treatment
5. Adhesions – division and excision of abdominal and pelvic adhesions
6. Pelvic pain – diagnostic and treatment
7. Fallopian tube surgery in cases of infertility
8. Cancer of the Uterus Cervix and Ovaries – extensive dissection
9. Female Incontinence
10. Gall Bladder Surgery
11. Appendicectomy
12. Hernia repair

The benefits of Keyhole Surgery are now well-established world wide, however the use of key hole surgery in Malta has to date been very limited. Key Hole surgery in Malta has been mainly used for gall bladder operations, and diagnostic procedures besides a few other procedures. Malta had fallen between five or even 10 years behind the rest of the world in key hole surgery.

With the establishment of a specialized Key Hole Surgery Unit at St Philips Hospital run by a team of Doctors and Nurses specially trained in keyhole surgery - utilizing the latest equipment - we have established a unit of excellence where 75 % of all surgery will be performed by Key Hole.

When operating on a patient by keyhole surgery, the Surgeon performs the operation through small cuts of five to 10 millimetres in length; these cuts heal quickly and cause minimal pain. There is usually little or no bleeding throughout the operation.

A special camera (10 mm in diameter) is inserted into the abdomen through one of the keyholes providing an incredibly clear view with magnification and zooming of the operating field for the surgeon. In fact the surgeon can see much better than if the patient were opened up through a classical incision!

We believe that keyhole surgery is the way forward and if you require surgery in most instances this is the better option for you.

If you are not being offered the option of keyhole surgery – you had better ask yourself why.

Key Hole surgery is obviously more expensive than traditional surgery because keyhole surgery is equipment intensive – at St Philips Hospital we realize that this would make keyhole surgery prohibitive for most patients so during this introductory eriod our prices for Key Hole Surgery are going to be highly competetive.

Do please ask for our Fixed Price Packages

Professional Information
Seminars on keyhole surgery are being organized for doctors on a regular basis. Doctors wishing to learn more about keyhole surgery or who wish to polish their techniques are invited to contact Dr Frank Portelli on 00356 7949 9511.

Patients who wish to book for an appointment with the hospital should call the main reception on 00356 21 442211

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