At St Philip’s Hospital we make use of automatic exposure devices and radiographic practices that are compliant with legislation to achieve safe and quality diagnostic images produced by the lowest radiation dosages to patients and staff. General radiography examinations, screening and contrast studies are performed at the main Unit, whereas a mobile unit allows x-rays to be taken in patients’ rooms if their condition warrants. This unit is also employed for theatre cases and neo-natal cases. Finally, a dedicated C-arm Image Intensifier is available for theatre investigations.

Referral and Requests
Referrals to the Department can be made:

· Directly from a Specialist
· Directly from a Family Practitioner
· Consultants in occupational Health
· Company Doctor
· Self-referrals

The consultant Radiologist carries out daily reporting sessions of x-ray films. Urgent cases receive immediate attention and copies of the reports are distributed as early as possible to the referring source.

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