The New MRI at St Philips Hospital

The “Magneto C!” a new open 0.35 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI).

The Magneto C! is currently the most compact C-shaped permanent magnet that meets routine clinical requirements for neurology, orthopedics, and angiography, as well as paediatrics, oncology, and cardiology.
System advantages include high field technology and excellent image quality. In addition, the system is open on three sides. The side “entry” to the unit used for all examinations (except those for the head and neck) means the patient has a clear view in all directions. The patient table moves two-dimensionally, ensuring that the region of interest is always at the center of the magnet to obtain optimum image quality. The C-shaped design simplifies the examination both for patients and hospital staff. Optimal access and easy examinations are possible even for obese patients. Fast, high field techniques such as iPAT (integrated parallel acquisition technique) are used to reduce measurement time and increase resolution. The high field technology 2D PACE for example enables the abdominal imaging for patients without breathing.

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