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Advantages of an MRI

Obviously one of the greatest advantages of MRI is that unlike X Rays or CT it does not use radiation – therefore MRI is an extremely safe investigation.

Now with open MRI - No more Claustrophobia

Many patients undergoing MRI examinations in closed tunnel machines often feel claustrophobic.

Spending half an hour in the tunnel of a traditional MRI machine can feel as if you are being buried alive.

The new open MRI machine installed at St Philip’s Hospital in Malta is the latest technology - it is a unique C-shaped magnet which allows the patient to enter from an open side of the machine

In virtually all exams, the patient’s head remains outside the magnet, encouraging a feeling of spaciousness and removing all claustrophobic feelings.

The patient feels and is indeed close to the outside of the machine.

Why would your doctor order an MRI?

Because the only way to see inside your body any better is to cut you open – and we are trying to avoid that!

MRI is excellent for:

Diagnosing and assessing Slipped herniated discs in the spine
Diagnosing injuries to the knee for instance torn cruciate ligaments
Diagnosing strokes in the earliest stages
Diagnosing tumours of the brain such as pituitary tumours
Diagnosing multiple sclerosis (MS)
Diagnosing infections in the brain, in the spine or joints
Visualizing torn ligaments in the wrist, and ankle
Visualizing shoulder injuries
Evaluating masses in the soft tissues of the body
Evaluating bone tumors, cysts

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